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8981 Model Galaxy Tool & Die Animated Lighted Sign by Miller Signs

8981 Model Galaxy Tool & Die Animated Lighted Sign by Miller Signs

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When you install any one of the many Miller Signs to your layout, diorama, or any other modeling project, you have added realism to your project, and you are now modeling to the WOW factor. By that I mean when your fellow hobbyists, friends, family, and neighbors view your project, they will exclaim WOW that is awesome. The signs are made with an electroluminescence process that allows many colors, shapes, and lighting sequences. You can mount many of them to the side of a building, on top as a billboard, as a window sign, or a roadside sign. The signs date from steam era to current times.  All kits come with sign, circuit board (Inverter) and battery box which holds 3-AAA batteries. You can also use a 4.5v adapter or converter which connects to your power supply.

  • Suitable for HO scale, S scale & O scale, 4.0"w x 2.75"t Limited edition
  • The sign comes with a circuit board and AAA battery box, simple to install on your structure
  • on the circuit board there is a on/off switch and a push button to change the sequence, has over 40 sequences
  • may also be lighted with a 4804 converter or 4803 or 4803 adapter
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