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Iron Penguin

AR5 Auto reverse Unit for S& O scale

AR5 Auto reverse Unit for S& O scale

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  • reversing unit for trains
  • trolley back and forth switch
  • O scale reversing unit
  • S scale trains reversing unit
  • Will not work on a reversing loop
  • Trolley reversing unit for S scale or O Scale
  • Will not work on a loop track
  • Comes with a timer to determine the length of time before it reverses
  • Timer powered by 12v DC

The AR1 Auto Reverse Unit operates your trolley or train in a back-and-forth operation on a point to point track. The board sits between your DC power pack/throttle/transformer and the track and reverses the polarity of the track power on a timed basis. In effect it automates the directional switch on your transformer.

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