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Evan Designs

U1W welding kit by Evan Designs

U1W welding kit by Evan Designs

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Item number U1W Size: dia. =1.8mm Color 2 bright ;flashing white and 1 solid ; bright blue LED Voltage 7-19 volts AC,DC,DCC Includes a resistor, bridge rectifier, and capacitor No circuit board needed Wire length OAL 12in; Distance from LED to elec

  • 1.8mm LED’s, Great for a welding scene made up of 1 solid blue & 2 random flashing white
  • The electrical components allow you to use AC/DC/DCC, 7-19 volts, completely assembled
  • You can use a 9v battery, track power, 12v adapter to light our LEDs
  • each set comes with a resistor, capacitor & rectifier, thus no polarity issues
  • A 12 volt 2 amp adapter (PDC12) will run 100 LEDs
Item Condition: New. .
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