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UN0FF Fast Flashing Nano Chip, Color=Warm White Pkg=5 by Evan Designs

UN0FF Fast Flashing Nano Chip, Color=Warm White Pkg=5 by Evan Designs

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Our LEDs are very easy to install because they come completely assembled with a resistor, capacitor, and bridge rectifier. What this means to you is you don’t have to be very knowledgeable about electricity. By simply being aware of the voltage requirements, you can hook them directly to your track power, 9v battery, or 12v adapter. Most will light with AC, DC, or DCC power just as long as you don’t hook up to more than 19 volts, Also you don’t have to be concerned about polarity, just hook 1 of the wires to positive terminal and the other to negative terminal. The can be used for locomotive lighting, buildings, accent lights, your imagination is your only limitation. The lights come in 4 sizes of chips and 3 sizes of LEDs. The chip sizes are Pico(smallest), Nano, SMD, & Mega. The LEDs are 1.8mm, 3mm, & 5mm sizes. The 7 lights come in 6 different colors; warm white, cool white, blue, red, yellow, green, & violet. The only exception to this is the mega chip, it only comes in the 2 whites. The LEDs also come in Flashing and Fast Flashing with the exception of the warm white, it only comes in Flashing. The Lights come as individual stands, Kits such as vehicle, tower, strings simulated fire, welding and many more.

  • Nano warm white Fast Flashing chip, We have added a resistor, rectifier, and capacitor
  • The electrical componets allow you to use AC/DC/DCC, 7-19volts, completely assembled
  • You can use a 9v battery, track power, 12v adapter to light our LEDs
  • each strand comes with a resistor, capacitor & rectifier, thus no polarity issues
  • A 12 volt 2 amp adapter (PDC12) will run 100 LEDs
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